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      Cutting down a tree entails a lot more than just grabbing a saw and working diligently for a few hours. Aside from calling upon the services of tree removal Gold Coast experts to get the job done safely and effectively, you also need to make sure you don’t break the law by removing the offending tree.

      We guide you through the ins and outs of legally (and safely) removing a tree.

      Reasons for Tree Removal Gold Coast

      A tree is a valuable asset, but sometimes it’s just got to go due to a variety of reasons, so tree removal Gold Coast is the best solution. Consider tree removal in the following situations:

      • Structural weakness

      A tree that is storm damaged or weak due to other reasons and will not recover with intervention from tree loppers Gold Coast should be removed.

      • Infested tree

      If a tree is severely infested with bugs such as termites, the best option is to cut it down. Such a tree is damaged and can fall during a storm. Also, there is the risk of bugs spreading to other trees or buildings.

      • Wrong location

      A tree can block a beautiful view, thus devaluing your property. Too much shade from a tree can inhibit the growth of your lawn and garden. If tree lopping Gold Coast is not enough to solve the problem, consider tree removal.

      • Representing a hazard

      Leaning trees, trees whose roots encroach on foundations or pavements, trees that are too close to power lines – these are all candidates for Gold Coast tree removal.

      • The tree is a pest species

      Some trees are considered to be invasive plant species by Australian authorities, such as sweet acacia, tree of heaven, the Brazilian palm tree, the African olive and European olive tree, camphor laurel, and others. Get rid of these to avoid the damage they cause to the environment and property!

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      What are your Responsibilities?

      The Queensland Government clearly states the responsibilities of a tree owner in The Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011. This act applies to trees in urban areas, on land that adjoins the neighbour’s property, and on land separated by a road. You might not realise it but having a tree comes with certain obligations such as:

      • To cut and remove any branches overhanging your neighbour’s land as long as there is not a Vegetation Protection Order (VPO) protecting the tree;
      • To ensure that in a 12 month window your tree does not, or is not likely to:
        • seriously injure anyone on your neighbour’s land
        • seriously damage your neighbour’s land or any of their property
        • unreasonably get in the way of your neighbour’s use and enjoyment of their land (for example if your tree drops branches into your neighbour’s yard and they cannot use that area for fear of being hurt).

      Why Would I Need Council Permission for Tree Removal Gold Coast?

      You might need permission from the Council if you:

      • want to remove trees around an existing or new fence/boundary;
      • have to remove or prune trees that are too close to property where it’s not positioned on body corporate-run land or within a community management scheme;
      • need to remove trees near a swimming pool or pool fence.

      How Do I Find Out if I Need Permission?

      In some cases, you may not need permission for tree removal Gold Coast, such as the tree being a pest or if you’ve obtained approval for property development from the city in advance. If the tree is dead, again, you do not need to see permission for removal.

      However, if you want to cut down a tree you need to make sure you get permission if one is required. Local councils deem tree protection as very important and you risk heavy fines if you remove a tree without first seeking permission.

      In order to find out whether you need permission or not to remove a tree consider:

      • Using the free resources of local council regulations, which are available online;
      • Getting in touch with local, qualified arborists; they should be able to inform you on legal requirements, as well as give you a quote on the cost to cut down the tree;
      • Phoning up your local council and asking to speak to the arborist officer concerning a tree on your property – they will require additional information and tell you whether you need approval or not;
      • Completing this checklist, which is the fastest and simplest way to find the answer to your question.

      How Do I Get Permission?

      For tree removal Gold Coast, a submission of application may be required. 90% of trees and vegetation on Gold Coast are located on private land, so it is understandable why local authorities are so strict when it comes to tree removal. The purpose of these regulations is to preserve biodiversity and historical values.

      Review state and federal government vegetation clearing requirements and next complete one of the following four types of applications – whichever is most applicable to your situation:

      • Standard tree works application not associated with a building development;
      • building approval associated tree works;
      • Tree works associated with a development approval;
      • Tree works associated with a vehicular crossing.

      At the same time, applicants must obtain written consent from the owner(s) of the land and mention their reasons for wanting to damage assessable vegetation. Applications must be accompanied by a site plan that provides sufficient details to identify the vegetation of concern; a correct application will result in fast resolution, while missing details will cause delays.

      Other factors that have an influence on your application include:

      • Approved landscaping plans (these are common in body corporate complexes);
      • Trees on common property – an application must be submitted by the body corporate or its representative;
      • Statutory environmental covenants (to preserve landscape features and vegetation);
      • Other conditions of approval requiring the retention of vegetation.

      What Happens if I don’t get Permission for Tree Removal Gold Coast?

      If you are not granted permission to cut down a tree and still do it, you risk huge fines. The size of the fine depends on the tree being removed and the circumstances; fines range between $2000 to $100,000 for multiple offences on a single site. Property developers will sometimes choose the remove the tree without permission and pay the fine to be able to complete their project – absolutely not something we would advise you to do!

      What if the Problem Tree is on Public Property?

      You are only allowed to remove tree from your property, at your own expense and after obtaining any required permits.

      However, if you notice a public nuisance tree and consider it should be removed, you will have to submit a report.

      You can notify the council about vegetation issues on city-controlled land online or on the phone at 07 5667 5974. Either way, you can easily arrange for a tree to be inspected.

      Planning to remove a tree from your property and the council has asked for an arborist report? Tree Stylin can help, both with reports prepared by independent expert arborists and the actual tree removal Gold Coast. We provide efficient, safe, and complete services and will leave the job site perfectly clean by providing our stump grinding Gold Coast services. Contact us today at 0455 042 216  or info@treestylin.com.au to give us details about your tree job and we will be back with a free quote and advice on how to get the job done fast and legally!