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      Australian weather can be quite rough at times, and if you have lived in Queensland for a good part of your life you have probably noticed this state is hit by storms several times a year. Residents of Queensland are always concerned in protecting their homes and cars from storms, but not everyone remembers about storm-proofing their trees. Of course, there is always the possibility of calling to emergency tree services Gold Coast if a tree is hit by storm and threatens to fall on your property, but before that let’s learn how to storm proof your trees, as prevention is better than cure.

      Your trees are worth taking care of

      After seeing the severe damage that trees affected by storm can cause to property and people, some homeowners are tempted to cut their trees and get rid of the problem. This is something we advise against, because trees have important functions and provide amazing benefits, such as beautifying your property, hosting ecosystems, providing clean air and natural ventilation, and ensuring privacy. By taking the right measures you can minimise the impact of harsh weather on your trees and prevent damage.

      How to Storm Proof Your Trees

      Maintain your trees in good health

      This is obvious, but we cannot emphasise enough how important it is to keep your trees in good condition. Taking good care of a tree will ensure its stability and strength and you should look at aspects such as watering and fertilising regularly, providing good quality soil, and pruning correctly. If you don’t have the skills and availability to do that, you can always count on tree care services Gold Coast to look after trees on your property.

      Prune your tree correctly

      You should always find a balance with pruning. Not pruning your trees at all puts you at risk of having weak or dead branches that could fall off during a storm. While overdoing pruning can affect the tree’s stability and cause it to fail in strong winds. Correct pruning adds strength to your trees during a storm by encouraging proper structure growth.

      Don’t forget about the roots

      Most people focus on the visible part of their trees, but forget about the root system, which is very important and complex and can be just as large as the canopy of the tree. A strong and healthy root system is required to provide a strong anchor for the tree so it doesn’t break during storms. Some of the measures you can take to care for your trees’ roots are adding mulch to the soil around the tree base and watering regularly.

      Trunk protection

      If you expect a strong storm to hit your area and you are not confident your trees will survive, you can increase their chances of preserving their integrity by applying protective materials to their trunks so they are not hit by flying debris. Also, you can anchor the trunk of younger trees by connecting them with a rope to a nearby stake or a mature, stable tree.

      Plant the right kind of trees in the right places

      The number of trees you can plant depends on your yard situation. Don’t overdo it as each tree needs its own space to be stable and develop beautifully. Experts can advise you with planting design, a factor which can increase your tree’s chances of surviving in harsh weather conditions. The rule of thumb is to plant different species in a group so they reduce the wind’s force and decrease the impact of storms. Trees should be spread out rather than planted in a straight line and the recommended distance between trees is 10 feet. Equally important, find out what the best types of trees for your climate are and opt for local species that mature at a small size instead of exotic trees that need a long time and special conditions to become strong and stable.

      Get help from professionals

      Even if you have taken all the measures above to storm proof your trees, there are situations when you need the help of tree care services Gold Coast or emergency tree services Gold Coast. Qualified arborists at Treestylin are here to handle all your questions and concerns and provide a variety of tree care services in the Gold Coast area. Even if you are not dealing with a visible problem right now, you can get a pre-storm assessment to identify potential problems in time and address them before they have a chance to develop. If tree care services Gold Coast identify trees that can become dangerous during a storm, they will recommend solutions like pruning, spreading mulch to help root health, or bracing/cabling trees to strengthen their trunks or limbs. In some cases, the best solution may be removing the tree, a service which is provided in the most efficient and safe manner, including palm tree removal Gold Coast services.

      Why tree care and tree removal are not DIY jobs

      In an attempt to cut property maintenance costs, some homeowners consider doing their own tree pruning and cutting without using professional services. There are several solid reasons why this is a very bad idea:

      • Tree pruning and removal are very dangerous. Unless you are skilled and have the right equipment, you risk injury or even death and property damage by attempting to cut branches or tree trunks by yourself;
      • Tree care is strenuous and time-consuming. If you want to cut trees on your property, allocate at least an entire day to do it, cleaning and disposal of waste included. Who has the time for this and why not do something more pleasant instead?
      • You need special equipment, such as shears, ladders, ropes, chainsaws, protection gear, and many other. Without it you will not be able to work effectively and safely. On the other hand, purchasing all this equipment just for occasional use is not worth the money – if you are not a professional arborist, the expenditure is not justified.
      • You risk liability. Before removing trees, you need to be certain you follow local council regulations and are allowed to make the intervention. Additionally, if you don’t pay attention and a branch falls on your neighbour’s property or on public areas and causes damage, you may get into trouble and have to pay for it. Tree care services Gold Coast, on the other hand, are informed on local tree removal guidelines and will also take care of the matter in a safe manner, without causing damage to property and goods.
      • You can damage your trees. If you do not know how to prune correctly or how to storm proof your trees you can do more harm than good. A professional arborist knows what branches to cut so the tree becomes stronger and more stable and will apply the right solutions for strengthening tree trunks and limbs in the event of a storm so you benefit from the best results.
      • Tree care services Gold Coast is more cost-effective. Professionals can provide tree care services, including emergency tree services Gold Coast at competitive prices while doing it yourself will actually cost you a lot more (time, effort, equipment, risks).

      Now that you’ve learned how to storm proof your trees it’s time to assess your trees’ health and take good care of your green assets, by calling to reliable tree care services Gold Coast if the job is too difficult or you don’t have time to handle it yourself.