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      Palm trees are among some of the most popular backyard additions for many Australians living in coastal parts of Queensland. People choose palms to grace their yards for their beautiful canopy and their tropical look. However, when you choose to plant a tree from the palm family it is necessary to ensure proper and consistent maintenance. Most palm tree owners opt for palm tree maintenance Gold Coast to ensure their trees are kept in great shape.

      What are the Most Popular Types of Palms on the Gold Coast?

      Brisbane is the home of Australian palm trees and in this sunny city you are most likely to find the biggest variety of palm tree species:

      • Alexander’s Palm tree

      This species can grow up to 30 metres and bears white flowers. It is a native of Australia and reaches its full growth potential in larger sized yards.

      • Foxtail Palm tree

      Once an endangered species, the foxtail palm tree is now found in many parts of the world and is popular due to its beautiful crown.

      • Cuban Royal Palm tree

      Original from Cuba, it was used to make medicine and for religious ceremonies. The Cuban royal palm tree is very adaptable and this is why we see it a lot in Queensland too. One of its most lucrative uses is making fodder for farm animals.

      • Golden Cane

      Do you want some palm trees in your yard but a species that doesn’t grow too tall? The Golden Cane is perfect due to its smaller size and lack of sharp spikes. It needs a little more tending than other varieties, but it is totally worth the effort.

      • Cocos Palms

      This palm variety comes from Brazil and requires the highest amount of maintenance. They are considered a pest species by the Gold Coast City council, who recommends immediate removal after identification by a qualified arborist. The issues with this palm species is that it sheds huge amounts of seeds and attracts fruit bats.

      Benefits of Planting Palm Trees

      Aside from being an ornamental tree, what other benefits does the palm tree provide to your property and to people enjoying its beautiful canopy? 50 species from the Arecaceae family are found across Australia, providing benefits such as:

      • Bringing a Holiday Vibe to your Home

      Where’s my pina colada please? The look of palm trees is so beloved everywhere because in the ancient past, the palm tree was a symbol of victory. Now they are associated with tropical or coastal destinations;

      • Provides Shade

      This is a desirable benefit in any warm climate. Although their foliage is rather sparse, some species that are short and compact can achieve more compact leaf formation;

      • Resilience

      Palm trees can withstand the most powerful tropical cyclones due to their adapted root system. Palm roots grow deep below the ground and hold tightly if they are provided with sandy soil that drains well;

      • Easy to clean the mess

      Palms do leave mess behind them. However, palm tree cleaning is easier than raking up smaller leaves as all you need to do is lift the large palm leaves and dispose of them;

      • Enjoying privacy relatively fast

      Palm trees are some of the fastest growing trees so they are a good way of achieving privacy for your property relatively quickly. Especially with properties nowadays having smaller yards and closer neighbours – privacy is an important aspect to consider.




      How to Choose and Plant the right Palm Tree

      With so many palm tree varieties available out there, how do you make sure you choose the right one?

      Selecting the right variety of palm makes palm tree maintenance easier and also prevents a situation where you need to enlist palm tree removal services.

      There are multiple factors to consider when choosing the right palm tree for your yard. Before purchasing a palm tree, find out what its requirements are in terms of:

      • Climate

      If you live in a warm or tropical region, you can plant almost any palm tree variety. But if you live in a place with cooler temperatures during winter months, you will have to choose from a more limited list of palm tree species, such as Lady Palm (Rhapis excelsa) or Chinese windmill (Tracarpis fortunei). More intensive caring is also required to ensure the survival and full growth of a palm tree in a colder climate.

      • Location

      Depending on the amount of sunlight your yard receives, you will need to choose between palms that love sun exposure and palms that do better in cooler regions;

      • Positioning

      Avoid planting palm trees too close to each other as this will deprive them of soil nutrients and space. Moreover, you will have to select carefully the other plants you are placing near the palm trees and make sure they are also tropical or sub-tropical gardens;

      • Soil

      Last, but not least, suitable soil is very important for palm trees. Some species are more tolerant when it comes to the quality of the soil, while others have special requirements. What all palm trees have in common is that they need soil that drains well as too much water can cause the palm roots to rot.

      Palm Tree Maintenance Tips

      Palm trees are an integral part of the coastal Queensland landscape, which makes tree maintenance Gold Coast services essential. Keep on reading to find out what the main palm maintenance requirements are and decide which you can handle yourself and which you prefer to leave to a reliable palm tree maintenance Gold Coast company:

      • Removal of dead fronds;
      • Palm deseeding;
      • Tree shaving;
      • Palm tree sculpting;
      • Palm tree strapping;
      • Installing a controlled-release fertiliser when initially planting and occasionally during the warmer months;
      • Regular watering, usually once per week and even more frequently during the hot summer months;
      • Treating the palm trees in case it is affected by diseases and pests.

      All these techniques are meant to optimise the health and longevity of your palm tree.

      How to Revive a Dying Palm Tree

      Failing to ensure the right conditions for your palm tree and not applying the right maintenance measures may result in your palm tree losing health and vitality. In some cases, you can help the tree recover. Determining the cause why your palm tree is suffering is the first requirement for ensuring its recovery:

      • Too much water – if you overwater the palm tree, its leaves will become brown.

      Solution – practice less watering and add sand to the soil to improve drainage.

      • Not getting enough nutrients – buying the cheapest fertiliser can result in your palm tree not getting all its necessary nutrients.

      Solution – invest in a fertiliser that is specifically for use with palm trees.

      Palm Tree Pests

        Borer Affected Palm

      • Burning damage – this can happen when you add fertiliser too close to the tree’s roots.

      Solution – add the fertiliser at least 50 cm away from the palm tree roots.

      • Brown palm trees – you may be tempted to cut them off.

      Solution – cut brown fronds only when you are sure they’re dead or you can rob a sick tree of even more vital nutrients.

      • Surviving storms – it’s customary to prune palm trees before bad weather strikes, but don’t do it.

      Solution – avoid pruning palm trees right before stormy weather hits, as their fronds play an important role in protecting the tree from bad weather.

      • Pests – inspect fronds for signs of disease or damage.

      Solution – apply the right treatments to treat the disease or pest affecting your palm tree.

      • Improper pruning – some homeowners are tempted to do their own palm tree pruning to save money on palm tree maintenance Gold Coast.

      Solution – call upon the services of a qualified arborist who has the right skills and experience. Otherwise you could cause more harm and create a bigger (and more expensive!) headache for yourself.

      Dealing with Unwanted Palm Pests

      Bats are probably the most unpleasant palm tree-related issue, followed by the palm budworm, the giant palm borer, and the royal palm bug.

      The bat issue is very common with cocos palm trees. This palm tree variety has been declared a bushland weed in a number of parts of Australia, which makes palm tree removal the only viable and legal solution to get rid of fruit bats.

      Professional Palm Tree Maintenance Gold Coast

      Palm trees are much loved throughout the world and Australia, but they can be hard work.

      They are notoriously difficult to climb, which makes pruning and removal dangerous activities for those who do not have the right skills and/or equipment. Conventional methods of palm tree removal have been associated with multiple injuries and even death. Calling on the services of palm tree maintenance Gold Coast specialist such as Treestylin is the most convenient, safe, and cost-effective measure of taking care of or removing your palm trees when necessary.