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      Based on the Gold Coast, Treestylin offers safe, reliable and professional Tree Removal and Tree Care Services to the entire Gold Coast and Hinterland area, and south to Tweed and Byron Shires.

      Tree Pruning & Trimming

      Tree Pruning is one of the most important maintenance practices and can go a long way towards achieving that stunning garden or landscape you are after.

      Tree Removal

      Tree removal is a necessary part of landscape management. Selective removal of trees from crowded landscapes provides space for the remaining trees to grow

      Palm Cleaning

      Palm Cleaning is paramount as Palm trees are plentiful in our area. They give that tropical feel and are a beautiful addition to any property with their unique size and shape.

      Arborist Reports

      If you need a documented tree report for third parties, our Cert 5 Arborist will liaise with you in regard to your requirements and present you with an independent expert tree report.

      Stump Grinding

      For us, stump removal is an integral part of tree removal. Stumps left behind will decay and may become a breeding ground for fungus and termites as well as being an eye-sore.

      Tree Hazard Assessment

      Our qualified and insured Arborists can perform detailed tree inspections that provide you with documented tree assessments noting any potential hazards and outlining remedial requirements.

      But this also means they have some unique problems of their own.

      Palms grow tall and shed their long fronds and outer layers, which can cause serious damage to your property during storms.

      Treestylin has the necessary expertise to care for all types of palm trees in your garden.

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      Palm Tree Cleaning Gold coast

      Palms may be a beautiful addition to any garden until they begin to look messy and unkempt and for this reason they need regular professional cleaning to remove large dead fronds and seed pods before they fall.

      If left to fall, these seeds may damage pool filters and pathways and attract fruit bats. Left with little to no maintenance, fallen palm fruit and seeds and can germinate in the landscape causing further mess in your garden, and cause staining of driveway or pavements.

      Certain varieties of palms produce large amounts of fruit, even for a single tree. These palms may look beautiful but are a nuisance if you have no plans to harvest the fruit, with the fruit growing in abundance before it then drops, leaving a considerable mess. Some palms can also leave a nasty smell as their fruit rots when it is left on the ground. The decomposing fruit and seeds may then attract unwanted insects and vermin to your property.  Fruit, berries and seeds can also be physically dangerous if left unattended on the ground, rolling underfoot like marbles and acting as potential tripping hazards.

      The best solution is to remove the flower or fruit stalks before they mature, which can be done during the palm tree cleaning process.

      Palm Removal Ormeau

      If not left to the professionals, Palm Tree Pruning can be dangerous, regardless of the variety of palm or whether they are self-cleaning or not.   

      Due to the heights palm trees can reach once mature, getting to the fronds, seedpods and fruit stalks can be challenging and needs a professional with the right tools and safety equipment to complete the job.

      Our skilled palm tree cleaning specialists have decades of experience in cleaning palms on the Gold Coast without causing damage to the trunk or base of the tree.

      Because of the uniqueness of the Palm Tree, using a Professional Palm Tree Cleaning Service on the Gold Coast will ensure that your palms are pruned exactly as they should be.  Palms are a unique type of tree, storing reserves of starch in their trunks for use during times of stress to regenerate lost fronds. During these times of stress palms with rejuvenate thise lost green fronds as fast as possible as they are crucial to its survival.

      Severe pruning can be very detrimental or even fatal to palm trees, and it is regularly a mistake many amateurs make during the procedure of cleaning palm trees. Treestylin are the Palm Cleaning Experts, and have the experience to recognise clearly what can be removed without causing long-term damage to the palm tree.

      As you can see, cleaning palm trees is much more involved than simply chopping away at the branches, and therefore is best left to the professsionals

      Our professional Level 5 Arborists have all the tools and knowledge necessary to clean and cut palm trees with care and safely.

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      There are a number of reasons why it may be necessary to remove a palm tree completely. The roots may be damaging your pathways or pipes, or it may have outgrown its position in your garden. More importantly, if you suspect a palm tree has become diseased or badly damaged in a storm, it can quickly become a safety hazard and should be removed immediately.

      Sometimes the diseased tree is hard to identify, so it is important to take the time to conduct an inspection of your palms occasionally. Here are a few of the most common diseases our palms can suffer from:

      Bud Rot  

      This type of disease attacks the heart fronds of palms. It is a type of fungus that infests the fronds thereby causing them to shrivel up and die. Watch out especially during summer, as this is the season when Bud Rot is most likely to occur. To treat this type of disease, chemicals may be applied to your palm if the disease is still in its early stage.

      Fusarium Wilt  

      This is another type of palm disease that is caused by fungus. Once it attacks the palm, it causes the fronds to lose their green luster, wilting and killing them in the process. The Fusarium Wilt is a deadly disease and causes permanent damage to the plant. This means that once it has been infected, there is no known cure. The infected plant must be removed to prevent fungi spores spreading.

      Ganoderma Rot

      This palm disease has only been discovered recently. Having originated from Florida it has since spread to other parts of the world. As of date there are no known species of palm that are resistant to the Ganoderma Butt Rot.  This disease is caused by the fungus Ganoderma Zonatum entering a palm through a wound in the butt area. From there it rapidly makes its way into the tree eventually rotting the wood.

      Once the fungus has made its way into the centre of the plant, it forms a spongy, white mushroom like growth that is referred to as a “conk”. This will form a horizontal disk on the bark of the palm. There is no known treatment to this type of disease. Once you see the “conk” formed on the bark of the plant, it means the palm is as good as dead. It must be removed immediately from the area to avoid infecting other palms nearby.

      Depending on the size and location of your palm tree, you may need Council Approval.  We can help you with this process. The staff at Treestylin have decades of experience removing palms on the Gold Coast. No matter the location, position or area, we can safely and professionally remove any palm tree. We can also remove the remainder of the stump, by grinding it down below the surface of the ground, leaving you a clean slate to work with.

      As your palm tree removal Gold Coast experts, when it is time to remove your palms, you can rest assured we will provide a fast, professional service, where safety is our highest concern.

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      Tree Stylin were very professional. The cost was reasonable. They did the job exactly how we wanted it. They were very good and cleaned up all the mess afterwards. I would definitely recommend them.

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      I used Tree Stylin and was very satisfied by the job they did. Very professional, good communication, and competitive prices, I would recommend their services to anyone looking to have this sort of work completed.

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      Very competitive quotation, professional and friendly approach. They completed the work in a very safe and considered manner, and cleaned up the site very well. Good tradesmen would recommend gladly.

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