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      Are you exploring tree cutting Gold Coast services but would also like to do some of the tree maintenance yourself? This article about tree cutting tips and tricks should help you determine what tasks you can complete yourself and what jobs you should leave to professionals. The no.1 thing to consider when making a decision regarding tree pruning Gold Coast should be safety, followed by efficiency. Let’s dig into the basics of trimming and pruning together!

      Reasons for Trimming and Pruning

      All trees need trimming throughout their lifetime, but how do you know when the right time to prune is? And why should you do it? The most important reasons to trim and prune a tree are for:

      • Aesthetics

      By trimming you can maintain a tree’s shape and appearance. The amount and shape of trimming should follow the tree’s natural shape.

      • Safety

      Trees can represent a safety hazard when dead or broken branches and limbs fall. It is also possible for trees to obstruct the view of drivers, in which case, once again, they should be trimmed. Branches growing too close to utility lines are another good reason to trim a tree (although this should definitely be left to professionals)

      • Tree health

      An infected tree can be saved if you prune away diseased branches and limbs. Even for a healthy tree, trimming is good because it increases airflow between branches and eliminates branches that are crossing or rubbing together.

      How to Trim and Prune

      Check our quick and easy DIY guide to find out when and how you should trim your trees:

      • Trim during the dormant season

      The best time to trim trees is during the dormant season, but you can do it at any time if a hazard exists.

      • The bigger the branch, the more you should think about trimming

      Branches less than 5 centimetres in diameter can be easily removed; branches between 5 and 10 centimetres should be removed with caution; if the branch has more than 10 centimetres in diameter, you should have a very good reason to remove it.

      • Trim early

      The previous point shows us it is easier to trim branches while they’re young. Young branches are less work and pose fewer risks.

      • Don’t trim too much

      The rule is to never remove more than ¼ of a living crown (the tree’s aboveground part) at once. If you need to remove more than that, do it gradually over a number of years.

      Tree Cutting Gold CoastWhen Might you Need to do Serious Cutting?

      Although tree pruning should be done carefully, there are cases when you need to cut larger branches:

      • remove a dead or weak branch;
      • reduce excessive shade;
      • manage fruit or flower production;
      • improve tree structure;
      • avoid branches growing near power lines.

      Cutting down large branches at heights means you will need help from professionals. Tree pruning can be a dangerous job if you are not properly trained and experienced.


      Reasons to Remove a Tree Completely

      Removing a tree completely can be a difficult decision in a sentimental sense, not to mention the hard work it entails. You know it’s time to call professional tree cutting Gold Coast services when:

      • The tree is severely diseased or dead

      In the event of a dead tree, the safest and smartest thing to do is remove it. A dead tree weakens in time and can become a hazard during storms. The same thing goes for trees affected by devastating infestation – removal also prevents the spread of the disease to other trees.

      • The tree is damaged

      Trees can be severely affected by thunderstorms and winter storms, and they might need years to reveal the true damage.

      • The tree is disturbing other structures

      Situations such as negatively impacting the foundation of a building, getting in the way of utility lines, or obscuring a picturesque view may call for prompt tree cutting solutions.

      • The tree is a pest

      Some trees can be a nuisance by shedding annoying seed and fruit or they can affect the ecosystem in which they are living. The most common pest tree species in Australia are the alligator apple, the camphor laurel, the tree of heaven, and a few species of palm.

      How NOT to Trim a Tree?

      Poor pruning can kill a tree, so it’s no wonder many homeowners entrust this job to tree pruning Gold Coast professionals. The most common mistakes inexperienced ‘arborists’ commit include:

      • Bad cuts

      Stub cuts, flush cuts that remove the branch collar (the raised area that surrounds the base of each branch) , and heading cuts (removing the bud at the end of the branch) that leave the tree open to pests and disease are all bad pruning practices.

      • Tree topping

      Even some tree trimming services engage in this catastrophic practice. Topping consists of cutting a tree’s main trunk below its apex to reduce its height. A topped tree will not only look not ‘right’, but it will put out lots of watersprouts (thin and weak growth shoots) in response, which will only make the tree look worse.

      • Pruning large branches

      Pruning large branches can create wounds that are too large for the tree to seal off. Messing with large branches comes with additional problems, such as safety issues, liability, damage, and disposal.

      • Removing too much of a tree’s crown

      When you have not trimmed your trees for a long time, you can be tempted to take off as much as possible in one trimming session. DIY-ers should know that pruning is a long-term practice and should not be done intensively. Depending on a tree’s size, age, and condition, the percentage of crown that should be removed at one time varies between 5 and 20.  Over-pruning can be fatal for older or already stressed trees as they will not have the resources required for a successful recovery.

      What Equipment Do you Need?

      Depending on the technique and job involved, tree pruning equipment includes: hand saws, saw scabbards, landscaping tools, axes, chainsaw chains, hydraulic tools, safety equipment, and stump grinders. Without professional equipment, many tree pruning jobs are difficult and dangerous to complete, while owning the entire equipment without using it regularly is not justified. Needing proper tools and accessories is one of the reasons why tree lopping Gold Coast services are often your best option.

      Safety Measures

      Tree cutting and pruning can be dangerous, especially when you are dealing with large trees or have to work at heights.

      If you do decide to take the matter into your own hands, a few basic safety tips that you need to follow include:

      • Wear protection equipment

      The most important protection elements include helmet, face shield, gloves, chainsaw protective clothing, safety glasses, ear plugs, and steel-toed work boots with sufficient grip.

      • Get someone to help you

      You will be and feel a lot safer if you have a trusted assistant near you – they will warn you about falling branches and let you know when the tree starts to fall.

      • Don’t lean your ladder against the tree

      This common practice is the cause of a large percentage of chainsaw and tree-related injuries.

      • Leave rotten trees to the pros

      The problem with rotten trees is that their felling direction can be very unpredictable, with dead limbs possibly falling on you during the cutting process. Experienced tree cutters can handle this job professionally, without risking injury.

      • Don’t cut branches around power lines

      Current advice is “ Don’t trim trees near power lines yourself. Trimming trees may seem fairly easy, but it’s just not worth the risk of electric shock, falling or even being killed.” Energy providers have a schedule for tree cutting Gold Coast; you can also report any you feel need trimmed if they present a safety risk. Call Energy Queensland to do this.

      When’s it Time to Call in the Professionals?

      Whenever you feel uncomfortable doing a tree cutting or pruning job, consider using professional tree cutting Gold Coast services. Professional arborists not only handle the trimming and cutting in a safe and efficient manner, but they will also clean away the debris, saving you trips to the dump. Those unsightly and dangerous tree stumps will also be removed effectively and efficiently with the help of stump grinders. At the end of the job, your yard will be prepared for re-turfing or planting another tree.

      Contact Treestylin today for a free quote for tree pruning Gold Coast services that are safe, effective, and won’t make you break a single drop of sweat!