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      Tree Pruning Gold Coast


      No matter what the reason for removing your trees, it shouldn’t be forgotten that you are then left with an unsightly stump remaining. Treestylin will not only remove your trees safely but we can complete the job by grinding the stumps as well.

      Grinding the stump with a grinder in most cases can prevent the need of using toxic chemicals.  Often with just grinding, because the stump is dead, the tree will not regrow. Poisonous chemicals should only be used as a last resort in areas that may be unaccessible with a grinder.

      Tree Trimming Services Gold Coast

      If stumps are left, the rotting wood can potentially breed termites or other insects that feed on decaying plant matter. In addition, stumps that appear to be dead may actually display new growth after a period of time. Given these factors, it’s essential to remember that getting rid of a stump is a critical part of completing the tree removal process.

      Our broad experience and sophisticated equipment help us to provide all-inclusive tree and stump removal services throughout the Gold Coast area, specializing in turning unsightly tree stumps into useful mulch. Once the removal procedure is finished, you can re-plant, re-turf or rebuild over the newly cleared site—leaving the site clean, and prepared, ready for you to create a new garden, build or landscape.

      Tree Pruning Gold Coast

      We’ve got you covered with affordable stump grinding on the Gold Coast.
      Existing stumps won’t require a visit; we can always give a price range our stump grinding rates are based on the ground-level diameter of your stump.
      Please note that prices can vary depending on the access to your property.
      To get started, simply fill in the form below, attach an image of the stump and provide some measurements. Remember, the stump diameter should be taken from where the stump meets the soil and not from higher up where it has been cut.

      Our Services

      Based on the Gold Coast, Treestylin offers safe, reliable and professional Tree Removal and Tree Care Services to the entire Gold Coast and Hinterland area, and south to Tweed and Byron Shires.

      Tree Pruning & Trimming

      Tree Pruning is one of the most important maintenance practices and can go a long way towards achieving that stunning garden or landscape you are after.

      Tree Removal

      Tree removal is a necessary part of landscape management. Selective removal of trees from crowded landscapes provides space for the remaining trees to grow

      Palm Cleaning

      Palm Cleaning is paramount as Palm trees are plentiful in our area. They give that tropical feel and are a beautiful addition to any property with their unique size and shape.

      Arborist Reports

      If you need a documented tree report for third parties, our Cert 5 Arborist will liaise with you in regard to your requirements and present you with an independent expert tree report.

      Stump Grinding

      For us, stump removal is an integral part of tree removal. Stumps left behind will decay and may become a breeding ground for fungus and termites as well as being an eye-sore.

      Tree Hazard Assessment

      Our qualified and insured Arborists can perform detailed tree inspections that provide you with documented tree assessments noting any potential hazards and outlining remedial requirements.

      Tree Pruning is one of the most important maintenance practices and can go a long way towards achieving that stunning garden or landscape you are after. The main objectives of pruning are

      • To preserve and improve a tree’s health and structure.
      • To reduce hazards or specific dangers that large overhanging branches may cause.

      Our Specialist Tree Pruning Services Include:

      • Formative Pruning
      • Deadwood Removal
      • Weight Reduction
      • Canopy Lifting
      • Canopy Thinning
      • Remedial Pruning
      • Fenceline & Building Clearance Pruning

      Tree Trimming Services Gold Coast

      Lopping Versus Pruning

      Lopping is the cutting of stems or branches to “stubs” or to lateral branches that are not large enough to assume their terminal role.

      We hear regularly from concerned tree owners that their trees have been lopped, often after they were advised by a “tree lopper” that this would solve a perceived problem.

      The reality is that lopping creates many more problems than it solves. Lopping often removes between 50-100% of a trees’ canopy. As a trees’ foliage is essential for food production, this kind of shock triggers new growth that is added to combat the massive amounts of stress that the tree suffers. This new growth is sometimes called epicormic or reaction growth.

      Lopping Versus Pruning

      The natural branching structure of a tree is a biological wonder. Lopping removes the ends of branches leaving ugly stubs. Lopping destroys the natural form of a tree.Our team of specialists carry out all tree pruning work to Australian Standard AS4373-2007, with care taken to encourage structural integrity, appearance, safety and the overall health of your trees.

      The Benefits of Tree Pruning and Trimming:

      • Removal of broken, diseased or dead branches in order to prevent decay-producing fungi from infecting your tree.
      • The removal of live branches is necessary in order to increase sunlight exposure to an area and increase circulation of air within the canopy.
      • Developmental tree pruning is done to achieve desirable branch architecture and structural integrity. This practice can essentially reduce the potential cost of dealing with problems later on in the tree’s life. Tree pruning for appearance and restoration is essential for maximising the beauty of mature garden landscapes.
      • Safety audits and storm damage prevention is essential here on the Gold Coast and is crucial in eliminating danger and property damage from fallen limbs. In particular trees along driveways, pedestrian paths and surrounding buildings, and low hanging branches can become a hazard.

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      Tree Stylin were very professional. The cost was reasonable. They did the job exactly how we wanted it. They were very good and cleaned up all the mess afterwards. I would definitely recommend them.

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      I used Tree Stylin and was very satisfied by the job they did. Very professional, good communication, and competitive prices, I would recommend their services to anyone looking to have this sort of work completed.

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      Very competitive quotation, professional and friendly approach. They completed the work in a very safe and considered manner, and cleaned up the site very well. Good tradesmen would recommend gladly.

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