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      When it comes to Tree Trimming and Pruning, Winter and early Spring are usually always the best times of the year. While different species of trees have different care requirements this is the general rule.


      Benefits of Pruning

      To maintain good health and structural integrity of your trees, they need to be pruned regularly. There are many benefits to taking good care of your valued trees:

      • Encouraging new growth
      • Keeping the shape and aesthetic look of the tree
      • Removing deadwood and dying branches as a safety precaution
      • Increasing sunshine and airflow by reducing the canopy
      • reducing the height and density of a tree


      When to Prune Palm Trees

      We know that the dormant season is usually the best rule of thumb to prune most trees, yet there are about 2,500 species of trees that go against this golden rule and they are our beloved Palm Trees!




      Unlike many tree species, palms don’t follow a strict pruning schedule. The best palm tree maintenance relies on the appearance of your individual tree. You only need to prune palms to rid them of brown fronds (palm leaves), flowers or fruit. This means palm pruning isn’t subject to a specific time of year. Instead, the best time to prune palm trees is when it looks like they need it.


      Trees Should Be Pruned Before the Spring Storms

      Winter and early Spring are the ideal times to prune your trees in preparation for Storm Season which runs from November to February here in South East Queensland.  Look for trees with overgrown or dead limbs, which can be dangerous with some wind and heavy rain. Pruning trees in the vicinity of your home or other structures on your property will improve safety and avoid potential cost, mess and damage from tree limbs falling unexpectedly during a storm. Contact a qualified arborist who will inspect your property and advise you on which trees need pruning.




      Prune Deciduous Trees When They are Dormant

      Deciduous trees lose their leaves in Autumn and lie dormant during winter. When trees are dormant, their sap flow is reduced, and they are far less stressed about losing branches. Pruning creates wounds in the tree where the wood is cut away. Winter is also a time when there are fewer bugs and other nasties around to infect your trees and cause problems such as borer and rot.

      In a dormant state, trees do not produce new growth or leaves for photosynthesis so they can focus all their energy on compartmentalizing the cuts made by pruning and defending themselves against any infestation or environmental damage of any kind.

      Prune Dangerous Trees Immediately

      Winter is usually the perfect time to trim trees so as to prepare them for the new growth that comes in Spring but any tree that looks at all unsafe should be pruned or removed as soon as the risk has been identified.  See our Blog on Storm Season Preparation on the Gold Coast for more details information on identifying unsafe trees

      Things to look for:

      • Trees with insect infestations which may weaken the tree
      • Cracks, rot, fungal infections or other signs of tree distress
      • Trees with a large amount of deadwood (dead branches)?
      • Any branches overhanging rooftops or car ports your property that may need to be pruned or removed?
      • Signs that the tree may be unstable in any way?
      • Are there any large cracks in the trunk or major branches?
      • Take note of how your tree reacts to a mild wind as if the top branches appear to be blowing heavily, there is a likelihood of them breaking in strong winds.
      • Is the soil around your tree unstable, washed away, loose or gravelly? This can increase the risk of trees falling in high winds and heavy rain.
      • Do you have any trees close to Power Lines? These trees must remain trimmed well back from the power lines.
      • Are there any trees overhanging loose moveable property i.e. cars, outdoor furniture,  child’s play equipment, or trampolines? 
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      Taking the time to complete regular pruning in winter will reward you with beautiful looking, healthy, and safe trees all year round. Treestylin Tree Pruning may be cheaper than you think. Call us today to arrange for one of our qualified Arborists to come out and inspect your trees and provide you with a FREE quote.